SUPER excited that we'll be getting to work with one another, BUT here is some super important info/ legally binding info that I NEED you to take the time to read.

Consider this a legally binding contract that I absolutely have to share with you so you know all the I's and T's that have been crossed now that you're booked with me. Don't worry - nothing crazy. Just covering all of our hineys so we're all on the same page! It's YOUR job to read this info, so please don't skip it!



If you book with me and for whatever reason, have to cancel - you will have credit of your paid balance for one full year from your last payment.


Ex: If you live out of town and book with me and pay your entire session paid off and come time for your session, the weather makes us have to cancel, you will not be getting a refund. However, you will have ONE full year from the last payment you gave me, to make arrangements to return to Midland for a rescheduled session. 


You must arrive promptly at the time we discussed. I wait up to 10 minutes for you to arrive, and if not, with no notice, I will leave and you'll have to reschedule your session with a fee of $35.


If it's not a wedding or event, your session will be ready in 2-3 weeks from session date MAX!


Sometimes you literally have to mark in your calendar, when from your session date, your session will be ready. Feel free to check up if you're getting angsty, but just know you've been advised of the turnaround time.

If for whatever reason I'm able to edit them and get them back sooner, I will definitely let you know! But 2 -3 weeks is my safe spot. For sure, it won't go longer than the 3 weeks!

NOTE: I do not guarantee sneak peeks. If I get the chance to post them, I hope you do enjoy, but I can't guarantee one immediately following your session. 


If you forget your session date and time, leave me hanging OR you're running super behind and don't shoot me a text so I know what's going on, I will leave after 10 minutes of waiting on you.

Something else I need you to note is that if your mini session of 30 minutes, is (ex:) at 3:00 pm and you text me that you're running late and show up 20 minutes late, that unfortunately means you only have 10 minutes left of your session time. 

Session times begin promptly at the time we agreed and discussed. I take time out of my schedule to be their on time, hoping my clients do the same and prepare ahead of time too.


I hold the right, as the photographer, to give my clients the final location of the session, up to 2 hours before the session.


As soon as I book your session, I don't always know immediately where we'll be taking them. If you have suggestions or pinterest ideas of something you'd like, shoot it my way and I'll definitely try to accommodate as best as I can! But because I am always looking every time I drive, for new, awesome spots, I really don't like to give the location whereabouts till day of. For sure, no later than 2 hours before your session. That just gives me more time to find the best spot for YOUR session.


  • 1 free reschedule is given with advance notice.

  • 2nd reschedule - a $35 fee must be paid prior to reschedule date

  • 3rd reschedule - a new deposit and new session must be paid.


Hopefully it's pretty self-explanatory. Get with me for further clarification if need be.


Got a watch tan or want me to make you look thinner? Read below:


As a photographer, my job is not to alter how you look. My job is to give you beautiful photos to treasure a lifetime AND that look like you! I offer up to 3 free corrections once I deliver your gallery and that's IF I'm able to make that adjustment. But those corrections does not involve slimming you a few dress sizes down, or making you appear different than you really are. 

NOTE: If you have things like farmer's tans or watch tans, please keep a watch on or try your hardest to hide those tan marks. The (3 corrections) rule still applies. It's a lot of work to photoshop every single photo of a gallery. Please keep that in mind.

EXTRA INFO.. In case you didn't check it out

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