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You booked your session and I'm sure you are already starting to feel overwhelmed with thinking about what you're going to wear. Or maybe you are dreading starting to plan outfits for the whole family and the music of 'Psycho' is playing in your head. "DUN DUN DUN". 

Read this and take the tips I have laid out for you and I hope this answers any questions and concerns you might have. And if it doesn't fully do the job, check out my pinterest board I made specifically for you!



Don't be afraid of fabric that moves and breathes. Fabric that hangs away from your body or  sways as you hug your little ones.


Fabric with texture and ripples, that can drape over the shoulder or hug the neck. It's always easy to just go for a polo or T-shirt, but mix it up with some texture, why don'tcha!



Scarves. Vests. Loose sweaters. Need I say more?! These add SO much to photos. Make it POP!

I know how layers can terrify us into thinking it may make us look bulky, but layers can be fun to play with, or have your man's hand inside of..just watch. 



First off, stay away from everyone matching in the same white shirt and jeans. DON'T take that route, puhlease! Find a color scheme and find colors that compliment and go with that color. 



Second, what season is it? Spring? Bring out the shoulderless flowy dresses and warm colors. Is it fall? Let's bring out the neutrals and solids and booties. Whatever season - make sure your wardrobe reflects it.And try your hardest to stay away from BRIGHT highlighter colors.

We have a PINTEREST LINK to help with outfit inspo!

P.S. you can never go wrong with NEUTRALS


OMG - and if you bring a hat to your session..I WILL love you forever. We'll take some photos with it on, then some off, and we definitely will play around with it too. All visual appeal!



There's such a thing as NOT over-doing it, but don't skip out on some accessories for your photos.




Okay, so this is SUPER important.

While I don't blame you that you want to have the best outfits for your photos, you want to make sure that WHATEVER you end up choosing, that you feel 100% in it! WHY? Because this will SHOW in your photos. 


Nix the super tight shirt that you can't breathe in and definitely don't want to bend over in. Don't like the stuffy suit that your wife made you wear? Toss it out. And if you REALLY don't want to stress over wardrobe - there's such a thing as a "Stress Free" session! Get comfy and let me do my magic! No Stress!



Here is a touchy one. Professional Makeup. 

Here's the deal. For all the selfies you take and all the phone snaps that your honey takes of you, comfortable and natural beauty shining through - you don't ALWAYS get professional photos done. So why not make these photos GORGEOUS with your face lookin' like a ten?! Ladies - you want to feel flawless and natural beauty is great, but makeup does something that even my perfectionist self cannot do. It adds that sparkle! Don't skip this part. I promise, you will want it!

A GREAT makeup artist knows how to give you a BEAT face, that works around your wardrobe. They'll give you those eyes that pop without the super dark, harsh eye-shadow. Ladies, you want to stick to more natural looking, even though it won't FEEL like it's natural looking when you're getting it done. Let the eye-liner pop, instead of dark eyeshadow or super dark lips. Heed my warning.

Hire the makeup artist. And hair boss while you're at it. Click on the names to be taken to websites.


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