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1-2 hour session

up to 2 outfit changes

all best digital images with print release



These are the perfect opportunity for us get to know one another before the big day. This session won't be stiff, boring, or full of the posey-smile shots. Nope! Engagements are meant to be fun, adventurous, special, and obviously - amaaaazing! And while it may feel awkward at first, but I welcome all the affection, kisses and touching! I'll guide you for sure, but anything you feel - DO IT!

Ladies! This is the time to tell that man of yours to get ready to love all up on you and be prepared to show me the love! I know most guys do not care for photos, but rest assured, I'll get some pretty great shots of him being natural and real. And I bet some money, he's going to say it wasn't that bad when we're done. I'm that confident *wink wink*. 

I know the thought of some of the most special photos of your life, can seem a little intimidating but when it comes to makeup, outfit tips and even vendors - I gotcha! And if you're wondering if makeup is something I suggest, yes it is! Click this link for my helpful info on it! OUTFIT TIPS 

And, lil' may not like makeup and prefer natural beauty, but engagement pictures are not the time for that. You want to FEEL beautiful and look gorgeous. And when the right makeup artist is on your side, you'll FEEL confident and rock these photos!


Many people over my entire career, have told me more times than I can count, that they wish they did their research and went with a photographer they really loved, instead of letting their friend's aunt's brother's sister, take their wedding photos. (It happens a lottt). They always tell me they'll forever regret skimping out because of the money, and not hiring a professional. Because what they got back, IF anything at all, were disappointing photos of a day they'll never get to relive again. This is the ONE day, that you WANT to remember. The one day that your photos are going to let you relive over and over. These photos will retell your story.


An experienced photographer knows how to capture those special moments. Whether it's one hour that you've hired them, or 7 hours. They KNOW how important these photos will be for the rest of your life. If you don't plan on having a videographer, your photographer is probably the most important vendor for your wedding. I don't say that only because I'm a photographer. I say it because it's true. With that, I tell you, truly consider your photographer. Look at a lot of their work and reviews and don't hire someone solely based on their total fee. Because many times, what you pay, is what you get. And p.s. remember that reviews are GOLDEN and speak VOLUMES. Let those be your guide! 



Obvz I want you to choose me, but when I say that I truly love what I do and the people I meet because of it - it's real. Because I want to help my couples as much as possible, here is a list of what I offer when you work with me:

- Customized wedding day timeline

- List of preferred vendors

- ALL digital images with print release

- Images on custom USB flash drive (full collections only)

- Guidance for your special day; (i.e. tips, suggestions..)

- ME helping you every step of the way! *wink wink*

Coll 1.png

- 6-7 hour coverage

- engagement session

- single photographer

- all images on usb drive

- print release

- 6-8 week turnaround


* take $175 off when pay in full

$3,000 + tax

coll 2.png

$4,250 + tax

- 7-8 hour coverage

- engagement session

- two photographers

- all images on usb drive

- print release

- 6 week turnaround


* take $200 off when pay in full

coll 3.png

$4,825 + tax


- 7-9 hour coverage

- engagement session

- two photographers

- all images on usb drive

- print release

- 4 week turnaround


* take off $250 when

pay in full



Once you've discovered we're kinda awesome and you want to work with us, the FIRST thing you want to do is get your retainer in and contract signed! This will secure your date and since we book out a year to two years out, you want to do this asap! We can meet over coffee or even margaritas (I dig chiltons *wink wink) to get this taken care of and secured. If you booked a full Wedding Collection, you'll also be receiving a Wedding Welcome Packet full of helpful info for the big day, as well as a preferred vendor list to help you get things going. 


Once you're booked, we'll schedule out a time for Engagements.

Usually 6 -8 months out from the wedding date. These can be as

fancy or as casual as you want them to be, or even both! They will

also give us a chance to work together prior to wedding day so I

always encourage them. If you're booking your wedding on the fly

and don't need engagements, it'll take off $200 from your wedding collection total.



                                                                  STEP THREE: REQUIRED DOCS

                                                            After booking with us, in the Wedding Packet and via email, you'll                                                                    have some required docs that we'll have gone over at the consult or                                                                    when you booked. These documents are going to help me keep                                                                            everything organized and done efficiently! It will include a list for                                                                    family photos after the ceremony, a timeline, and a vendors list so I                                                                  can give credit! I help as much as I can to help you fill these out and                                                                for the timeline, I'll be making it for you, so we'll be working together                                                              on that! 




YOUR SPECIAL DAY IS HERE! I'll arrive the specified location at

the agreed upon time. I'll be all over the place capturing all the

special moments and we'll make amazing memories of your special

day. My biggest tips for my couples is to LOVE and touch on each

other and just enjoy YOUR day! I'll do the rest. ...with my camera,

I mean *wink*. 


After your wedding, we know you're going to be dying for at least a few photos and we aim to please. We'll for sure do our best to post a few sneak peeks as soon as we get a chance, so stay tuned on our socials, but please don't kill us if we don't get a chance right away.

Just a reminder on turnaround time: You'll get your full gallery per your collection that you book! Collection 2 and Collection 3 get your images back to you sooner! 

Once your gallery is done, we'll be sending you your photos in a package along with a usb flash drive inside. Sometimes we meet up with clients for this or we can mail it your way too. As long as we have your correct address, we're golden. 


                                                                               STEP SIX: REFERRAL PROGRAM

                                                                         Word of mouth is HUGE in this industry..and REVIEWS are

                                                                         powerful! Getting tagged is also golden in our book! We'll love you                                                                    forever. Oh! And because you worked with us, anyone you                                                                                 refer our way that books a full wedding collection, takes off                                                                               $100! If it's a regular session, they'll be able to take off $50. 


                                                                         As a HUGE thank you for choosing us above all others, ALL

                                                                         your future general sessions will be 50% OFF. The ONLY                                                                                   kicker is these photos have to include you. Weddings are a BIG                                                                           deal.                                                                   

hold up.png

Details are so important when you're planning your wedding. The small things that matter in the grand scheme of things. Things like the perfume you'll be spritzing on yourself right before you walk down the isle. Things like the earrings that belonged to your great-grandmother. Things like a beautiful table setting, or the hanger holding your gown. If you're smart, you can be cost efficient and still find great looking things to make for great detail shots! Might just have to do a little digging. 

P.S. I get flowers can be pricey, but one extra tip: for the bouquet, even if only - make them REAL. 


Like I mentioned above, darlin' might have natural beauty and like it that way, but your engagement photos and your wedding day are NOT the days to showcase it. A professional MUA can make you feel so beautiful without looking like you have a ton on. Think airy, tan lips, not heavy eyeshadow. If you need makeup inspo to share with an MUA, I can help with that too! Or just choose from my preferred MUA's that I'll share with you if you book with me!


I'm going to be real with you. We are photographers, not magicians. If there is no light for our lenses and flashes to reflect off of, then we're not going to be able to take good photos. The sun is our best friend when it comes to wedding photography, that natural warm glow - there's nothing that compares. But if there's no sun, or at least, good lighting in 


These are just a few examples of the useful tips and suggestions I'll be giving to you, should you book with me. My goal is to not only create beautiful photos for you, but to help you make it the most special day of your life that you can. 

your venue, then you're not going to get the best of photos. When I help you with your timeline, we'll talk about the best times for everything, including the ceremony. Just another bonus you'll get if you hire me. We'll for sure snag you both away for golden hour photos too, though! 


Not only have I been doing photography for nearly 8 years full-time now, but I've done so many weddings, I know all of the ins and outs. I've seen the ugly and the pretty so I like to help any way that I can. In more ways than one. 

I'll be the one fluffing your dress, sometimes pinning the boutonnieres, to guiding mothers of the bride and groom to cut the cake or serve the plates. 

I don't only do this for the money. I truly do love what I do and I hope you see and feel my passion for it. That's why you should hire me. See for yourself and let's be friends!


Maybe you end up going a different route with a photographer. But before you go, take a look at these other services that I offer. Years of experience definitely make me a candidate for all things weddings! 

Wedding Day Timeline

Use this space to tell people more about what you do or a featured service.


Use this space to tell people more about what you do or a featured service.


Day Of Coordinator

Use this space to tell people more about what you do or a featured service.



If you're planning something small and intimate, with just you and the person you love, along with a few special people there to watch you exchange vows, or even just the Justice of the Peace, then this is your route. There's nothing more special and sweet than something so small, yet elegant and beautiful. These 3 packages are here to choose from.


PACKAGE 1: $575 + tax

- 1.5 - 2 hrs

- all digital images via online      gallery

- print release

- 4 week turnaround


PACKAGE 2: $850 + tax

- 2 - 3 hrs

- all digital images via online      gallery

- print release

- 4 week turnaround


PACKAGE 3: $1,250 + tax

- 4 hrs

- all digital images via online      gallery

- print release

- 4 week turnaround




$450 + tax

- 1.5 - 2 hrs

- all best digital images

- print release

- DEPOSIT $225