Mama to four full-spirited kiddos, oldest fourteen and youngest nine. They keep me growing and on my toes. Married to a handsome guy three years now, who makes me laugh on the daily and fully does life with me and our kids. Good ol’ Midland Texas has always been home, born and raised and I just can’t see myself ever leaving it here. My entire family is here and they are my home. Been on this grind for nearly 8 entire years now, full-time, and I always tell anyone trying to jump into this hustle that if you’re only doing it for the money, you won’t last long. You have to LOVE it AND the people you work with.


I love God, oven-brick pizza, dry humor shows, wrapping gifts, organizing stuff, and the smell of coffee - although I never drink it. I’m silly, determined, a go-getter and pretty upfront annnnd, I keeps it real. Like, a lot of the time. 

When I’m not doing photography, I’m managing my second business which is Christina Designs. I have always had a niche for it and after I received a miter saw for my 33rd birthday - it was ON. Yes, you can find my business pages to that on Facebook and Instagram

Sooo..other than that, I live day to day as grateful and humbly as I can, learning as I go, and always looking at life with the cup more half full, rather than more empty. Life is too short for negativity and not enough laughter. God is a merciful God and I give all the praise to Him for what I have and where I’m at in life. 


I can’t wait to hear about YOU guys and all the shenanigans I’ll get to capture for you too! What ya waiting for? Say hi! 


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