So, a run down of who I am. I am married to an amazing guy who is also kind of my opposite in so many ways, drives me insanely crazy, but who I am completely head over heels for! He often travels with me to weddings, basically helping me in so many ways, so you'll probably end up seeing him tagging along holding my camera bag! I'm a mamacita to four kids. That's right, ya'll... f o u r. They range from twelve to seven years old and they keep me busy all the time. Good ol' Midland Texas is my hometown, born and raised, ya'll. It will always be home because all of my immediate family lives here. That's my parents, and all five of us and our families. We're a large crew and we're all close so this is home. I've been doing photography now for nearly seven years and I'm so freaking stoked that I decided to jump ALL in 7 years ago! I work from home while raising my crazy kiddos along with my two dogs and my cat, so life gets a little cray sometimes. I'm a big believer in personal development and law of attraction, like, big time. I just believe if you want anything worth having, you can change who you are to achieve it and get it. Mindset is eeeeeeeverything and what you tell yourself and believe about yourself is huge! We are an example to someone, so make yourself the best y o u that you can be! I love deep connections, and I'm grateful so many of my clients have become friends! Last but not least, I love avocado and if you don't, I may or may not be your friend. Just saying. 

Now..enough about me. Can't wait to learn about YOU when you choose to work with me! Which...should be like, right now. Obvs. 



   I'm gonna keep is super real and start off the bat with saying I'm a pretty happy person and I LOVE life and I have a lot of energy!!! ..Which is pretty ironic, considering I have four children, a husband, a dog, and now, a cat as well. Not life, ironic - the energy part. But to clarify, when I say energy, I mean within my personality. NOT like I'm ready to join a 5k race! I probably use exclamations wayyyy too much in emails and my face is super expressive and animated like all the time. You'll see.


I'm pretty huge into looking at life with the glass half full rather than half empty and because, hello! - we only have one life to live. I try my hardest to live it to the fullest! I know a lot of people say things like that all the time or post quotes like that all the time on social media, but I really do live life that way. I squeal when I'm excited (forgive me in advance), but joy gets the best of me sometimes. That's literally how it comes from the inside out. I'm a super huge dork and use sarcasm a lot in my sessions (it's basically my first language), especially for those too cool for school macho guys who think laughing or smiling isn't cool. I'll get it out of you, Danny Zuko - just you wait!

Yes, I'm awkward and talk a lot but only to get the

r e a l you out of your session, which, that's my biggest goal. That's what I love to capture. Real, raw emotion and feeeeeeels. Don't get too worried, I like making all of my sessions fun and I promise, it won't be as painful as you imagine. (I'm saying that for all you ladies' guys). I used to have a studio but let it go once I came to the realization that I exclusively love outdoor photography, unless I have this super dope couple that wants to shoot a sexy or intimate at-home session, I'm totally always down for those!



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