Born and raised in good ol' Midland Tx and I doubt I'll ever move. This is home along with my entire family living here, so yeah.

I'm married to a super great guy who not only is a cop, *proud wife right hurr* but who also took on the crazy challenge of becoming a step-dad to my four crazy kiddos. I know - HUGE!

When I'm not working my little tooshy off on taking photos of my amazing clients, I'm actually working hard on my second business! That's right! I actually have another business called Christina Designs. I friggin' love interior decorating and helping to transform spaces so I done started up a business doing just that! I know it's crazy, but I love it!

Other than that, I live life as positively as I can, thanking God for all the blessings He keeps sending my way. We only have ONE life to live and I darn sure try to make the absolute best of it! 




Here are some other random facts about me because I know you're just d y i n g to know *wink wink*

  • I can never turn down a piece of homemade chocolate cake. Like..ever.

  • I ugly cry to almost all kid's movies..and of course every other kind of movie. And basically anything sappy. 

  • I'm fascinated by killer whales and how smart they are.

  • One of my favorite gifts ever is my miter saw! I use that baby a lot..like a lot a lot! #whoruntheworldgirls 

  • I low-key think I'd make a good lawyer..what what!

  • Some of my favorite humans ever are my mom and my sisters. 

  • I'll never ever let me foot hang off the side of the bed because...monsters. Obvz. 

So that's me! Can't wait to hear about YOU!