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Now that you've inquired about wedding collections or you're about to pay the retainer or you still just want MORE info..this is for you!

Read below on What To Expect



Once you've discovered we're kinda awesome and you want to work with us, the FIRST thing you want to do is get your retainer in and contract signed! This will secure your date and since we book out a year to two years out, you want to do this asap! We can meet over coffee or even margaritas (I dig chiltons) to get this taken care of and secured. If you booked a full Wedding Collection, you'll also be receiving a Wedding Welcome Packet full of helpful info for the big day, as well as a preferred vendor list to get things going. 


Once you're booked, we'll schedule out a time for Engagements. Usually 6 -8 months out from the wedding date. These can be as fancy or as casual as you want them to be, or even both! They will also give us a chance to work together prior to wedding day so I always encourage them. Take a thorough look at our WARDROBE TIPS page for ideas on what to wear! We put as muchhhh as we could into being helpful, so hopefully you're set with that. BUT if you still feel a little lost, reach out and we'll guide more if need be.


After booking with us, in the Wedding Packet you'll have some required docs that we'll have gone over at the consult or when you booked. Those documents are super important and once we go over them, you'll know exactly what they are, and how important it is to get them to me. 


YOUR SPECIAL DAY IS HERE! I'll arrive at discussed time and we'll make amazing memories on your special day. Love on each other and just enjoy YOUR day! I'll do the rest. ...with my camera, I mean lol. 


After your wedding, we know you're going to be dying for at least a few photos and we aim to please. We'll for sure do our best to post a few sneak peeks as soon as we get a chance, so stay tuned on our socials. Just a reminder though, a full wedding turnaround is 6-8 weeks. We work as hard as we can and part of how we work is editing sessions and weddings as they come, so while you will be itching for your photos to be ready, our promise is that they will be done NO later than 8 weeks max.

Once your gallery is done, we'll be sending you your photos in a package along with a usb flash drive inside. Sometimes we meet up with clients for this or we can mail it your way too. As long as we have your correct address, we're golden. 


Word of Mouth is HUGE in this we greatly appreciate REVIEWS on our Facebook or Google and being tagged are all golden things in our book! We'll love you forever. Oh! And because you worked with us, anyone you refer our way that books a full wedding collection, takes off $100! If it's a regular session, they'll be able to take off $50. Let's not forget that as a special thank you, you'll get ALL future general sessions 50% OFF. The ONLY kicker is they have to include you.


Don't kill me..but I'm totally going to let you in on our DREAM clients! THESE clients make our world go 'round and we appreciate YOU so much!!! Here goes!..

The ones who TRUST the process.

We get it. Planning a wedding is STRESSFUL. But the clients who trust us from our suggestions about makeup (how much or how little; the shades, etc.) or the right outfits for that engagement session, we l o v e you. 

The ones who GO with the FLOW.

Don't over-stress, folks! An engagement session is supposed to be fun and also a perfect time for us to get to know one another before the BIG day! Don't stress about your outfit or how awkward you are! Or how you're not going to know how to pose. Don't worry about annny of that and just trust that WE know how to guide you best. Same for WEDDING DAY. If you choose us, we have your back the entire day and already know what's going to work in your favor. Breathe and know we gotchu! 

The ones who KNOW they are beautiful.

Look. I'm not even going to sugar-coat it. There's no negativity or self-hate in our definition of a dream client here. Ain't no one got time for dat! All of my clients are beautiful and handsome. WHY? Because God made you perfect as you are. Remember that. Hold onto that. And let's rock and roll. We'll do the rest!

The ones who are PATIENT.

Alas. Patience is a virtue..or at least, they say it is. We're working on having some of it ourselves, trust. But we honest-to-God, LOVE our patient clients. We know that you're absofrigginlutely excited to catch ANY glimpse of a sneak peek after your engagement session or the wedding the day after! But because we love to capture a lot of gorgeous couples like yourselves, chances are we have other sessions in our cue that we're in the process of editing and we would love to give everyone sneaks, but sometimes, they come a little later than we expect. We know it takes all the power in your ability to refrain from messaging us for a sneak peek, but believe us when we say, we NOTICE the ones who get it and patiently wait. Ya'll are the real MVPs. 

The ones who LISTEN to our guidance.

There are going to be SO many things you're going to have to think about when planning your wedding. When working with us, we'll be sure to give you the best suggestions we can to help make sure we can capture all of the amazing photos for your special day. That means, we know about the lighting and sun's timing. We aren't magicians and for the best possible photos, just know we don't share suggestions because we're being bossy. But rather, because we want to get the best of the best for you!

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