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Wedding Questionnaire Customizable
  • Wedding Questionnaire Customizable

    The Ultimate Wedding Questionnaire to not only help you get to know your clients for perhaps an engagement sesh, but to also help prepare you for the big day! It's our job to know as much as we possibly can, so the day goes smoothly for your clients AND for you! This 2 Part Wedding Questionnaire is full of questions you might forget to ask that you're going to wish you did.. trust me! We need to know who, what, when, and where, when it comes to us photographing someone's big day! That's right, we have to be THAT nosey this time. 



    • What's Included:


      • A 2 part customizable Wedding Questionnaire to alter with your business name and details
      • Get to know your clients with Part I with questions about them to help you prepare for an engagement session
      • Get to know more about the specifics of the wedding with Part II





    • Best viewable on a desktop or tablet.