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Amanda + Ramiro


Their story is interesting. So, every once in a while..maybe like once a year, I do a wedding giveaway. Long story short, Amanda & Ramiro won my giveaway and had their wedding in the gorgeous Dripping Springs. (In? At? Eh, you get the picture)

I'd never met Amanda, not until the very day of her wedding. First impressions are huge to me and immediately, she had an energy about her that I totally loved. I guess possibly because I have a lot of energy and am overall a happy was kind of like game recognize game LOL. I recognize my people. She was a ball of happiness, squishing her nose every so often when something really made her laugh or smile and she had an awesome bridal tribe. You could see how much she was loved. And of course, I could totally see the love she had for her daughter Maiya! Which was totally like her little twin. It almost looked like the love a big sister would have for her little sister. Loved it. They were both definitely outgoing.

Then there was Ramiro. A quiet, submissive type. (Totally opposite from Amanda), but I love seeing opposite couples and how they compliment one another so much. Amanda is all out there and Ramiro is a bit more reserved. Has a soft smile to his eyes and you can tell, just has the sweetest heart in the world. 

So there I am. Barely meeting this entire wedding party, family, couple on the wedding day but enjoying every single minute of it. Tears literally fell from my face right after they had their first kiss as Mr. & Mrs. Pareles all due to Maiya crying as they exited the ceremony. She hugged Ramiro SO tight, saying he was finally her dad. It tugged a string in my heart big time because I can relate! While Ramiro is not her biological father, he is now the father in her life and to see a child have so much emotion over it... I couldn't hold it back. 

I am SO grateful this couple was the couple I worked with! It was all beautiful and I'm so happy to see their journey go on, their beautiful little family of three. 

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