The Connect Workshop

Due to this stupid Covid crap, I'm sad to announce that rescheduling plans have yet to be made for this workshop. Oh, but it WILL happen. Please stay tuned...



I met Harlie in 2019 when she inquired on some modeling photos as she is an aspiring model!

The calling photos called for no makeup, which, when I saw this chick, I thought she was GORGEOUS! If this is NO makeup, can ya'll imagine how she'll look with flawless makeup?! 

Yeah. Nuff said. 

Blast from the past 


Meet the Model

Rise Workshop


In 2018, I hosted my first workshop at the beautiful Kessler's Hall! I had amazing vendors collab with me, a gorgeous model, a beautiful couple, and a sweet family for the styled sessions! Take a look!

interested in collabing?

We are looking to collab with reliable, professional and bomb vendors for this project! 

We will have different photographers taking photos of YOUR services so you will get some nice images out of joining us!

In addition to collabing with us, you will also get a professional headshot as a thank you! We can always use up-to-date headshots for our businesses! AmIright or amIright?! 

Come Work With Us

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