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I am thrilled to finally announce that I will be hosting a mini workshop this year, after many have requested it for a long time! Let's GO! 

In this workshop, I'll go over all the features that have definitely helped me out so many times during my career. I use Lightroom to enhance my photos and edit them, while I use Photoshop to transform my images. It's come in clutch more times than I can count, when I need to fix something. 
We'll go over the helpful tools I've learned over the years, from removing objects in the background, to swapping out eyes or faces, to so much more! 

You can bring as much as your laptop along with your own images you'll be working on to as little as a notebook and pen. It's entirely up to you! 

I'll be showing you the process but we'll also be working together and alongside one another so you can get a chance to transform your own images while learning. 

the deets:

  • Oct 3, 2021

  • 3 pm

  • Location TBA in Midland

If you want to join, shoot us a message for more info on how to do so! There will be limited spots, so don't wait to secure yours!

Blast from the past 

Rise Workshop


In 2018, I hosted my first workshop at the beautiful Kessler's Hall! I had amazing vendors collab with me, a gorgeous model, a beautiful couple, and a sweet family for the styled sessions! Take a look!

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