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  • Designer will provide Client with an itemized purchase order list for the items/ decor needed

  • The Designer will provide counsel for up to 10 items ONLY (decor/ furniture). If more than 10 items are required, Client must upgrade to a Concept Image package

  • Upon approval, the Designer will place the order of approved purchases for the Client *optional

  • Price per one 400 sqft. space

  • Phone calls/ texts are available during normal business hours

  • Payment submittal begins turn around time

  • Site visits are available for a $40 per/hr rate within a 30 mile radius (for further, rates apply)


You have the space and maybe a good amount of furniture for it but you’re just missing the final touches to complete the space. With this package, all I’ll need from you is a few inspo photos to get an idea of which direction of style you’re wanting. If you’re not sure, that’s ok, too! I’ll help out in that process. Once we have a general idea of the direction you’re wanting, I’ll find up to 10 items for you to purchase when you’re ready to make the space complete. The list will be super specific as to what the item is, the price, the link as well as a photo to make it super simple. In addition to all the organization, I’ll also even place the order for you, making this super easy peasy! What can be better?!


With this package, I will need clear photos of your entire space to get a perfect idea of what we’re working with, as well as exact measurements of each wall and/or furniture you are wanting to remain within the space. 

  • Turnaround time & Disclaimer

    Current estimated turnaround time for this service is 2-6 weeks. Upon payment submittal, turnaround time begins. All and any payments made to Chris & Sal Design are non-refundable unless otherwise excused by the Designer in writing.

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