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Heather + Zeke


To preface this gorgeous wedding, I have to thank the amazing Sarah Rowe with SR Photography for giving me the opportunity of joining and helping her for this beautiful wedding in Vail, Colorado. She's a beast at what she does and she let me join in on the ride! While I love Texas, I was grateful to get away from it for this wedding. Totally worth it! 

Now, Heather and Zeke, I'd never met before. Heather was this precious, bite-sized cutie that welcomed me so graciously for her big day. She didn't question me at all, nor my guidance and totally went with what I had in mind. With Zeke, the first thing you see is his amazing beard. Lots of fire in that thing, along with his personality which you totally catch a glimpse of fairly quickly. But the two of them together fit just right, like a glove. I mean, sure, they posed just beautifully, but those little moments in between where they were smiling at one another, or the way Zeke would grab her face to kiss her -- those were golden little bonus moments. And to be totally honest, I was extremely thrilled to see my name on a little place card at the table where we "the dream team" (SR Photography, Isaiah Joel Photos (video)) sat. That totally made my day even more! So from the view, to the gorgeous couple, to the breathtaking venue and yummy food in between, I absolutely LOVED this wedding. 

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