Referral Program

Help me help you! What the Program does, it works for you AND me. We're helping each other! And who doesn't like good things in return? I know I do. That's no lie.

Effective this month, I will now be offering a Referral Program.

#1.) For every 3 clients that book with me because of YOU, you will get a 50% Off Discount on your next booked session as well as a free 8x14 as a gift from ME!

#2.) For every 5 or more clients that book with me because of you, you will receive one FREE Session!!! You can get up to 2 free sessions a year!! And your freebie sessions CAN roll over into the next year!

How you can refer:

First things first, effective this month, each session will now have an online gallery with their session. This online gallery will have a link to share on your social media. You can also share my Facebook page or my website link on your media to give them quick access!

Secondly, there's no harm in giving just a tiny bit of a shout out...truth be told. While it THRILLS me to see and read those, it also points them my way pretty quickly. Share your thoughts on the session and the overall outcome.

Thirdly, print out your photos! Share them with your loved ones to see.

P.S....inside your disk slips, I will enclose 2 business cards of mine. Be sure to share with people who inquire.

I know it can be easy to skip these tips, or forget where you left your disk altogether, but, let's work together! Everyone loves a discount! And what's better, everyone loves FREEBIES!! Remember, prices will be going up next year, so why not start helping yourself and looking out for discounts and freebies for memories to come?? And all just by sharing my name and your experiences and a link or two with friends and loved ones!! It's a no-brainer and hardly requires much effort at all, wouldn't you say?

Claiming your offer:

Simply make sure to let them know to give me your name..In case they book. I will ask them as well, not to worry, but make sure they know about the referral program. And hey! Tell them they can join it too! Once you and anyone else has had at least one session with me, you're in! After that, it's all up to you! But anyone can join!


I know, I know..if you're getting discounts and freebies, you want it to be towards something BIG. Something Special! I totally understand. Which is why you can apply the offer that pertains to you towards any session excluding Weddings | Packages | Events | Minis (with an exception).

* Minis exception:

You can apply a FREE session towards a Mini.

For the Discount offer, you can only apply up to half of your 50% Off discount towards a Mini. You can save the other 25% to use towards another Mini.

Make sense? If not, contact me and I'll explain further.

So what are you waiting for? Share those photos and get started on my Referral Program! Can't wait to start hearing that YOU referred me!! Shoot me an email with your name in the subject so I know to look out for your name for referrals! Email me at

Thanks so much, you all!!

Stay blessed!

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