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  • Includes 1 revision

  • Designer will provide the Client with an itemized extensive purchase list of furniture, finishing touches such as lamps, plants, table decor, etc., as well as paint selections and finishes.

  • Designer will place the order for the Client upon approval *optional

    • Note: If Client needs to break up purchases, Designer will make up to 3 separate purchases

  • Price per one 400 sqft. space

  • Phone calls/ texts are available during normal business hours

  • Payment submittal begins turn around time

  • Site visits are available for a $40 per/hr rate within a 10 mile radius (for further, rates apply)



We can all think up stuff in our head, but it’s a totally different ballpark when you can SEE it for yourself, amiright?! With this package, it’s like I’m there, but I’m not. I’ll create a virtual mockup for you to see what your space will look like, complete with pieces of decor and/or furniture, curtains, lamps, curtains, even paint that you’ll need to transform your space. All I’ll need from you is a few inspo pics to shoot me in the direction you’re wanting and if you aren’t sure, that’s ok, too! That’s really what I’m here for afterall, isn’t it? *wink wink* Once you’ve decided on the mockup you like best if we had to make a revision, I’ll make an extensive itemized list complete with description, price, link and photo of everything you need. Once you give me the okay, I’ll place the purchase order for you. Once your packages begin rolling in, you’ll have the mockup image to refer to. As you start decorating it per the mockup, just watch as your space will slowly come to life! 


With this package, I will need clear photos of your entire space to get a perfect idea of what we’re working with, as well as exact measurements of each wall and/or furniture you are wanting to remain within the space. 

  • Turnaround time & Disclaimer

    Current estimated turnaround time for this service is 4-8 weeks. Upon payment submittal, turnaround time begins. All and any payments made to Chris & Sal Design are non-refundable unless otherwise excused by the Designer in writing.

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